Morrill & The Tramp

by Sean Kua

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Ioan Wyllis
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Ioan Wyllis I love this album because it's at its pure, most real form, which adds to its beauty. I love the slow songs like Alexander Brown, and upbeat songs Little Red just gets me movin' - it's so catchy! Favorite track: Alexander Brown.
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All songs written and recorded in my living room.

Thanks to everyone who inspired the songs, thanks to my mom for endorsing my piano lessons, thanks to Constantin Tatu for the awesome piano lessons, thanks to the Royal Conservatory of Music for letting me have a pretentious music education (just kidding!), thanks to The Dresden Dolls for so much fucking inspiration and encouragement to make art, thanks to Regina Spektor, thanks to Amanda Palmer who told me to never stop making music, thanks to all my homies for believing in me, thanks to Wexford School for the Arts for letting me into their school and to the Musical Theatre department for accepting me into their program and teaching me the value of art, music, and dance. Thanks to mother nature and all that's in between.


released November 12, 2012

Sean Kua: Vocals, piano, lyrics, music
Recorded in Sean's living room in Toronto, Canada
Produced, engineered, and mixed by: Sean Kua



all rights reserved


Sean Kua Toronto, Ontario

I like to listen to music and make music, hey, what a coinkydink!

I'm inspired by many artists both living and dead, and by non-artists also living and dead. I like to write songs about people I encounter, or things that I like, sometimes things that I hate, or how I feel. I really hope you enjoy what you hear and you help feed me! ... more

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Track Name: Little Red
Little Red Riding Hood went for an innocent little trot in the woods; picked up wild berries, wild flowers, and chestnuts along the way to Grandma's crib. Her mama said, "Stay on the path at all times - don't you leave the little path no matter what. Don't you talk to any strangers don't accept any candy. Just mind your damn business and skip merrily away. And enjoy your dandy day."

Bad Wolf comin' your way, better get home fast or he'll take you away to his Fortress of Solitude to have his devious ways with you. He wants to do bad things with you.

Little Red Riding Hood stepped off the little path, damn, she misunderstood all the warning signs her mama gave her about the Big Bad Wolf that knocked down all the piggies houses. No wonder people make shit out of bricks nowadays. So anyway, Little Red wandered away from the path that her mama told her about when suddenly a big furry animal said, "Hi, hello, how do you do? The name's Mark St. Valentine, and I've lost my way, mind telling me which direction is East?". "Hi, hello, everything's swell, the name's Little Red Riding Hood and I'm on my way to my grandma's crib, maybe she can tell you cuz I sure as hell don't." Mark St. Valentine said, "No, but thanks." and continued in a whacked-out frenzy, and Little Red skipped merrily away. And enjoyed her dandy day.

Bad Wolf comin' your way, better get home fast or he'll take you away to his Fortress of Solitude to have his devious ways with you. He wants to do bad things with you... I wanna do bad things to you.

Upon arrival at Grandma's crib, Grandma didn't hesitate one bit to open up the big ol' door to let Little Red inside her humble abode.
"Ooh gurl, what big ears you got! Ooh gurl, what bit eyes you got! Ooh gurl, what a big nose you got! Ooh gurl, what big feet you got! Ooh gurl, what big hands you got! Ooh gurl, what bit teeth you got!" said Little Red.
"The better to eat you with." replied the Big Bad Wolf.

But just in time Little Red pulled out a gun from her knicker-knockers and shot the Big Bad Wolf square in the face.

And all his membranes splattered on the wall.
Ain't nothing more than a big black hole in his big bad face.

Little Red cooked his flesh in a big bad ass wolf stew. And she mourned her poor ol' Grandma.

© Sean Kua 2010
Track Name: Bluff
I want you to love me but I know you're not one
Although I'm like that with most guys
I want you to kiss me but I know it won't be true
Although I may just be bluffing with you
I want you to fuck me but I know you're not the one
Don't take it personally, it's not me, it's you
I want you to tell me that I am the one
So I can laugh in your face and break your stupid heart

Don't mind me I'm a tad bit heart broken atm, just gimme some time and I promise I'll be yours.

I want you, yeah I do. Not just in my pants, or me, or you, yeah it's hard to face the truth.
I want you to love me and I know you are the one.
I swear I'm not bluffing this time.

© Sean Kua 2009
Track Name: 8 Days a Week
8 days a week I sleep in a new bed. Some sheets are soft, some seats are hard.
8 days a week I step into new rooms
Bulbs flash off and it's hard to find my way back down where I'm used to. On the ground where I came from.

8 days a week I'm passed between people. Into their cars, into their airplanes.
I have trouble keeping track of those I love an those I stopped loving.
One hour a day I reach for my wallet that contains a picture of a window from my apartment.
When I get to my new room of the day I stick on the wall to remind me of home.

8 days a week I've lost track of people, lost track of days, of books and of boys.
If I could give a bed to every desperate child in my mother's home land and all across her borders my country's sister, and father, and mother, would stop killing for oil and jewels.

© Sean Kua 2011
Track Name: This Ain't No Love Song
I cleaned my room on Sunday, it felt so good to breathe in brand new air.
With stains of nicotine blues that you left at my door.
I got a black cat crossing my path every time I set foot on the cold concrete floor.

I get one little kiss from your pathetic mouth.
And I get one shitty wish from my unreliable god mother.

The sky is slowly falling apart and my heart is trying to hold it altogether. But the aorta can't go on with bounds of electrical tape and super glue trying to keep it together.

I will never tell anyone what we did that night
I will never say what we did the year before
I will never, ever, ever open up like that again.

© Sean Kua 2009
Track Name: Pennywise
I weigh my stash on the daily

From across the town my good ol' friend comes my way.
His name is Bobby, Bobby Gray, have you ever heard of a more fancier name?
He's about 6 feet tall, he's a big burly dude with a killer smile.
He does drag on the side.
When I see Bobby Gray I am so surprised to see the silver in his eyes glimmering in the sun. Who knew it'd be so bright in the night?
He offers me a weak handshake and tells me, "Buddy ol' pal, I need a place to stay." I say, "Pennywise," cuz that's his nickname, "I got a wife and kid at home and there's no more room."
He looks at me with a steady bright eye and tells me that I won't survive. No, I won't survive.
I won't live to tell my tale.
He jumps, spins around, he can't contain himself; so I shoot him in the face with a nickel and dime and run away with my secret stash and hurry on home to weigh what I have.
And when I get there the walls are covered in blood.
Dripping in what looks like a raspberry flood.
Suddenly I feel a very sharp pain in my eye and immediately I am half blind.
And then I die along with my kid and wife with my stash still in hand and I'm not even baked.

© Sean Kua 2010
Track Name: Jelly Beans
He's asleep now in my bed, face hot and red.
The nurses say he's got enough insulin from that shot he gave himself hours ago.
But I don't believe them, and I don't believe him when he says,
"Baby, don't you dare force feed me jellybeans."
And thankfully I watch enough Showtime's Dexter that if he died
I would know how to hide the body and laugh like nothings happened here.
But god, oh god, why do I say that? He's still in bed and still red hot.
Mama said, 'Don't you play with the bad boys.'
I said, "Ma, I'm fine, he's fine, thanks for the concern but I'm old enough to know what's wrong and what's right and how to save a man's life - force feed him jellybeans when he's passed out on my bed."
Daddy, daddy, don't you be so sad. Your son's gonna be alright.
He's asleep now in my bed, face hot and red.
The doctors says he'll be alright if his blood levels stay the same
But I don't believe them, and I don't believe him when he says,
"Baby, I'm so cold that I can't feel how hot and red I am."
But thankfully I watch enough of Hugh Laurie playing doctor that if he died
I could resuscitate him with all the drugs in the world.
Gimme some while we're at it. I could use some to calm my nerves so when the authorities come and take me away I'll be lost in some psychedelic dream where no boyfriends die from irresponsible lovers.
Oh my god, oh my god it's about time.
The butterflies in my stomach have all died.
My wrinkled face lights up as my lover's eyes begin to flutter.
He's awake now in my bed, face cold and wet.
The nurses and doctors were right all this time, and I have paranoia and trust issues.
And I'm glad I didn't have to hide his body as he begins to ask me,
"Baby, why does my mouth taste like jellybeans?"

© Sean Kua 2012
Track Name: Alexander Brown
Alexander Brown finally has a home after years of not owning a thing but a phone, a dick, a smile.
Take him home, he'll hold you down from the neck to the knees, and graze you with his chin.
Alexander Brown never owned a thing not even the boy next door's heart.
Alexander Brown is finally coming home.
Alexandre est enfin à la maison.
Dans un sommeil que charmait ton image.

© Sean Kua 2011