Dead Like Me

from by Sean Kua

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I wrote this song when I was 17. I often found myself curious about the afterlife. The thought process of the dead. Did they know they were deceased? Were they in perpetual denial? Or does everyone realize, at the time of death, that we all die alone and that's that?

Album art: Pushing Daisies (Scarborough, Ontario) by Sean Kua


So, is this what friends are for?
Burying each other six feet under with no air to breathe and barely any room to move.
I'm in a box, a cold, cold box. It's lined with velvet, or something soft.
Is this supposed to comfort me in any way?

No one cares that I'm dead.
I'm so invisible.
(But) I feel invincible.

Coffins are for the living dead, but I'm still alive!
I'm pink and fresh. My nails and follicles are growing.
Unless, of course, I'm shrinking.
My fluids are draining because I feel chapped and dry.
Didn't see my parents mourning front row.

No one cares that I'm dead.
I'm so invisible.
(But) I feel invincible.

No one cry for me cuz I'm not really dead. No.
My friends put me here as a practical joke.
And I get it, yes I get it, so forget it and turn me over!
And I'd hate to know that this is all real.
Cuz I'd hate to wake up cold and dead.

Every 12am I'll get the privilege of getting up from the ground and prancing around.
No one will ever find out who killed me because my so-called 'friends' can hold their tongues.
Just goes to show that
We're all deceivers and liars.
We're all thieves in the night.
We're all doomed for nothing.
We'll never get out alive.
No one's coming to save you.
No one will come for the rescue.
No one's here to love you.
No one will come for the rescue.

The rain has begun and they use my face on that memorial pamphlet to keep their heads dry.

© Sean Kua 2008


from The Living Room, released August 7, 2014
Lyrics by: Sean Kua
Music by: Sean Kua



all rights reserved


Sean Kua Toronto, Ontario

I like to listen to music and make music, hey, what a coinkydink!

I'm inspired by many artists both living and dead, and by non-artists also living and dead. I like to write songs about people I encounter, or things that I like, sometimes things that I hate, or how I feel. I really hope you enjoy what you hear and you help feed me! ... more

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