Uncivilized and Colonized

from by Sean Kua

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Album art: Solo Chair (Havana, Cuba) by Sean Kua


-First Movement-
Chairs, and tables, and spoons laid out neatly.
Grab your needles and your lighters and talk talk talk to god between my knees.
Hate your skin, so take a stone and scrub that off, scrub that off until you become lighter
Like the rest, like the rest of us, like the rest, like the rest of us.
And if you speak up, don't be shocked if you're shunned for dropping truth bombs
All over white graves and our oppressors, get it straight, get it straight, you're in America now.
Manifest Destiny, just watch out, they've got their eyes everywhere.
Big Brother, so 1984, but it's the truth, it's the truth, it's been scattered like oil.
Get those tanks, and get to spilling, poisoned skies, lethal and fatal smiles.
Tricks and bribes, men and suits, weapons of mass destruction kill the terrorists now.
Bomb the planes, get your goats, scrape their bellies with more lies and feed to unsuspecting guests.
You best watch out, sir, you best watch out, sir, they're all fiendish wolves in sheep's clothing.

-Second Movement-
And now I know better than before.
When to speak, if only spoken to.
It's better to keep your opinions to yourself.
It's hard to feel it if you're only seeing it.
They'll invalidate to keep themselves comfortable with their myopic vision.

-Third Movement-
It's all lies from here on out until your grown.
You learn to cope, but you'll repeat these fabrications to your children.
And their children's children, 'round and 'round like a Mobius Strip.
And no one tries to take away your tongue like they did back way back when statues were made from stone
And gold, and silver, come in last place you'll become a statistic too.
They'll build more prison beds for poor Black children's test scores.
Then deny ever setting things in motion.
These systems were made to protect the rich, white, cis, Christian men, fuck those in between.
Remember their names.
Remember their names.
Remember their names.
It could be your own governor.

© Sean Kua 2014


from The Living Room, released August 7, 2014
Lyrics by: Sean Kua
Music by: Sean Kua



all rights reserved


Sean Kua Toronto, Ontario

I like to listen to music and make music, hey, what a coinkydink!

I'm inspired by many artists both living and dead, and by non-artists also living and dead. I like to write songs about people I encounter, or things that I like, sometimes things that I hate, or how I feel. I really hope you enjoy what you hear and you help feed me! ... more

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